A “free raga style” player, inspired by the classical music of both East and West as well as other folk and world traditions…
exploring the heart with what Dusted magazine called the “exhilarating sense of music being discovered as it is played.”
Richard Osborn studied and performed with legendary Robbie Basho (the acoustic guitar trailblazer who, with John Fahey, created the whole “American primitive guitar” movement) in the early 1970′s. He then disappeared from public view, due to a severe injury to his left hand.

He re-emerged in 2010 with his inclusion on Tompkins Square’s Beyond Berkeley Guitar, and in 2012 published his solo debut album, Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations. Giving Voice has garnered dozens of enthusiastic reviews, has earned Richard a nomination as “Best New Artist of 2012” (Zone Music Reporter), and was #21 in the Top 100 Albums of 2012 in the category of worldfusion/new age/ambient music (ZMR).

Now one of the premier exponents of the “free raga style” of playing first pioneered by Basho, he invites you to share this journey of exploring the heart with what Dusted magazine called the “exhilarating sense of music being discovered as it is played.”

In a Monastery Garden

From the CD Endless
At day’s end, your horse knows the way home.

A Singing in the Blood

From the CD Freehand
An improvised raga with Mark Choplin on tabla.

New Ledger Book Stories

From the CD Freehand
A Healing Way song for the restoration of Native American individuals and community.

A Robbie Basho Clip

Robbie Basho mentions Rich by name during one of his concerts circa 1974.


is Rich’s first solo album on Tompkins Square. Each piece partakes of the endless, with compositions more influenced by the West (like a Beethoven-y treatment of “Streets of Laredo”) and a continuation of “American raga” improvisations, with Barry Phillips, tabla.



expanding raga style guitar into a new “American Raga,” Rich pushing the boundaries of improvisation. Freehand, is available at CD Baby and iTunes.

Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations

Rich’s beautiful new free Raga style CD, Giving Voice, Guitar Explorations is available at CD Baby and iTunes.


Voted #21 of the Top 100 Albums of 2012
Zone Music Reporter

Beyond Berkeley Guitar

Rich is on this collection of some of Northern California’s finest acoustic guitarists. Available at CD Baby.


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Richard Osborn

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Voice of an Eagle header

Acoustic Guitar


Read this wonderful write up of Rich’s life and music by Kenny Berkowitz.
And don’t miss Rich in this Acoustic Guitar Session

Rich’s new album “Endless”


Was released on Tompkins Square, this Fall 2016

Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho

documentary film


Debuted at the Raindance festival in London, Oct 3, 2015

(see more)

Rich is featured in this documentary by Liam Barker

“Basket Full of Dragons”

A Robbie Basho Tribute Album


To be released summer 2016

Rich is joined by other guitar dragons in this tribute to Robbie Basho, to release July 5, 2016

“…the exhilarating sense of music being discovered as it is played.”

– Dusted Magazine
“[Osborn has] an unhurried, quiet spirit of adventure, a love of ringing strings and slowly revelatory meditations on the natural world.”

– Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“…spontaneous, nuanced and engaging.”

– Claude Smith, a fan

“I felt like I was sitting on the lap of the Deity, and we were both smiling!”

– Patrick Horgan, a listener

“…his is easily the most beautiful track here, the melody often played low under a filigree pattern that’s occasionally stripped down to a drone to effectively vary the mood.”

– SoundFix

“I Am Remembering”
Backstage Lounge, Santa Cruz 2012

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